Will Muschamp talks about how his Gators should use the heat to their advantage in the coming weeks!

Gainesville, FL--Will Muschamp continues his first Fall camp as head coach there. The Gators working through their 14th practice of the preseason. As it is in most parts of the state, it's been rather hot and muggy in Gainesville.
So as Muschamp put it today, that's forcing his guys to grind, and that's exactly how he wants it.

Will Muschamp
Florida Head Coach

"You find out a lot about your leadership, especially when you face some adversity. You know we put 'em in some adverse situations on both sides of the ball yesterday. So you find out a lot about your football team at this time. We're gonna use the heat to our advantage, we ought to be used to playing in the heat. We should be used to playing when it's hot. We started camp we worked early in the morning and we worked late at night. To avoid some of those, and now it's time to shore up and get ready for that. We're gonna use that to our advantage."

Muschamp also talking today about his inexperienced but athletic secondary, in particular, mentioning incoming freshman cornerback Marcus Roberson. Muschamp says Roberson's been so impressive he may start this season. Gators open September 3rd at home against FAU.

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