Williams Adjusting to move to Defense at Alabama

Panama City Beach, FL--Arnold alum Eddie Williams is looking to make a name for himself at Alabama. Though it's taken some time to figure out at what position, and to say the least, there's a serious learning curve for Williams.

Williams went north with the thought he'd play receiver and he spent the first several workouts in that position.\

Some injuries forced coach Saban to move Eddie, number 15 here, to defense, first to corner, and then to the safety spot.

Williams staying in touch with his high school coach James Hale and Hale tells us it's been a tough series of transitions recently for Eddie.

"I talked to him yesterday" says Hale "and he said coach, I just gotta learn the system, it's tough man. It's a pro type defense, he's having to learn all the terminology. I felt bad for him, two weeks, all summer learning the offense, doing a great job, the opportunity to get to play a little bit. Now he's playing with coach Saban, coach Saban doesn't like mistakes, so he's having, the learning curve is really tough at the University of Alabama. But he's getting there, I hope he picks it up quickly, and he'll do a good job for them once he does."

Saban, Eddie and the rest of the Tide open next Saturday against Michigan at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.