Williams' Attorney Talks About Case Ahead

Birmingham, FL---There's some new information pertaining to the ongoing legal case for Arnold alum and former Alabama football player Eddie Williams.

His Tuscaloosa based attorney Josh Swords telling a Birmingham radio show on 97.3 The Zone Thursday he's anxiously awaiting the so called "discovery" material, including a tape of Eddie's alleged confession. He says he wants to make sure all appropriate procedures were followed, including Miranda rights.

And even if there is a confession Swords says, that can be seen as helpful in that Eddie was not trying to deter police or be deceitful.

Swords confirmed Eddie's expulsion from school yesterday, saying the University has been fair and up front with them.

The attorney would not comment on whether Williams was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the alleged incidents. He was arrested on a gun charge one day before the robberies took place.

Swords says Eddie is back with family in Bay County and is doing community service work, attending church and trying to decide if he should enroll in a junior college.

William's next court date is March 19th, Swords hoping to get him tried as a youthful offender which could lessen any punishment and keep records sealed.