Williams Banned From Campus at Alabama

Panama City Beach, FL---Call it the next step in the now sad saga of Arnold alum and suspended Alabama freshman Eddie Williams.

Eddie believed to be back in our area following a judge granting his family's request that he be able to come back home.

Following two separate arrests on three charges including robbery, his mother petitioned the judge to release Eddie into her care.

That was granted. So it's safe to assume he is back home with his family.

Williams certainly needing a place to live, because he's not welcome with the team, having been suspended by coach Saban the day of his second arrest.

Williams, who's apparently admitted to beating up and robbing two fellow students is now also suspended from school. The University today releasing a statement that read quote "The three students who were arrested on robbery charges have been interim suspended and are not allowed to be on campus pending UA's judicial review, which is expected to be concluded by the end of next week."

Forget about what coach Saban's final decision will be, it is very possible Eddie will be expelled from Alabama, meaning there's no future there on the team.

Again with the seriousness of the charges facing him, football's the least of his worries right now.