Winston Attorney Says His Client Not At Tuesday Disciplinary Hearing at FSU

Tallahassee, FL----Call it the question of the day in Tallahassee Tuesday, and that question, did he, or didn't he?

Was Jameis Winston a witness at the school disciplinary hearing of his teammates Chris Casher and Ronald Darby.

Those latter two face discipline, including possible expulsion, for their conduct relating to the rape accusations made against Winston.

Casher and Darby claim to have witnessed the sex between Jameis and his accuser, calling that sex consensual.

Casher claims to have shot video of the encounter on his phone, then later erased it.

Their actions apparently violated the school's code of conduct, hence Tuesday's hearing.

Winston's accuser was scheduled to be there for that, and her attorney said Jameis was listed as a witness and was expected to comply.

Winston's lawyer Tim Jansen Tuesday said his client was never notified to attend the hearing and instead traveled with the baseball team to the ACC Tournament in North Carolina.

Jansen says he believes Winston's involvement in the school's investigation, as a witness or a suspect, is over.