Winston Shines in Wednesday Presser

Tallahassee, FL---Let's just call it what it is, FSU quarterback Jameis Winston "holding court" Wednesday in Tallahassee.

Winston who is playing like an experienced senior, not a redshirt freshman, certainly seems as poised in front of the mikes and cameras, as he does in Death Valley.

And here's an indication of how big he's getting on the national stage, his meeting with the press in Tally Wednesday, carried live on ESPN!

Among other things, he was asked during that press conference why he seems so relaxed and even jovial before, during and after big games like at Clemson.

"That's just how I am." Winston said. "I can't find myself being in a situation, just being mad. You know focus in. It's just a relaxing stage. There's a point where you've got to play, gotta be a leader. And that's why I think the team respects me. Because they know I'm always going to be laid back. If they ever see me you know, uptight, shaking, not being myself, there's something wrong."

And so far, nothing's gone wrong for Jameis and the 'noles. They're now preparing for Saturday's home game against N.C. State, a 3:30 eastern time start. FSU favored by 31!