World Cup Fever Carrying Over to Pirates

Panama City, FL---Perhaps all the World Cup fervor will carry over on the local level. Certainly we've seen big groups at local pubs when
the U.S. team is playing. Perhaps that will bring more fans out to watch our area's local United Soccer League team.

The Panama City Beach Pirates will host Fort Lauderdale Friday night at the Gavlak Complex, hoping to improve on a 2-4-2 record.

"I do sense that," says Pirates head coach Greg DeVito. "They come to the stadium and the soccer fans are not only talking about the Pirates, but they are talking about the nations in the World Cup, their performances. The wins, the losses, the crazy stories. So I'm seeing a huge boost in morale and spirit and just overall passion for soccer in the United States, and I couldn't be more happy."

That home match Friday night is set for 7:15. We'll have the highlights in our late news Friday.