World Series Session III Wraps for Grand Slam

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Panama City Beach, FL---Hundreds of teams and thousands of players have rolled through Panama City Beach the last three weeks to play in the first three sessions of Grand Slam's World Series of Baseball.

Saturday afternoon wrapped up play for event number three in the youth baseball organizations four championship spectacular.

94 squads have come and gone back home to 11 different states, as Grand Slam gets a chance to catch their breath, but not for long.

In just two more weeks, the masses will be back chasing trophies in the fourth and final World Series.

"Well it's been stressful to say the least, dealing with all these teams, getting them in here, making sure the games are played, and all the logistics that come with it," says Grand Slam owner and CEO Larry Thompson, Jr. "It's nice to get a little two week break, but then we're looking at Session IV, which is shaping up to be the largest Session IV we have ever had, sitting at 108 teams today, which is more than we've ever had for that particular session.

The Panama City Beach Bashers 8 and 13 year old teams were both eliminated earlier this week but the distant winners hoped to leave with some big, extra cargo.

If you're walking out with trophies, they sure were well earned.

"The level of play this year has probably been better than it's ever been, as far as overall. We seperate our age divisions into classes American and National. But this year, I think we've been able to have the classes pretty competitive across the board. You know, we have had some really competitive baseball, that's for sure.

Of those two groups, American is the average squads, National, the elite category.

World Series Session IV begins July 21.