Wounded Warriors Help Share in Each Player's Healing Process

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Panama City Beach, FL---Frank Brown Park is hosting the incredible members of our armed forces in the Military World Softball Tournament all this weekend, with the headliners being the heroes playing for the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball team.

Friday, NewsChannel 7 Sports showed you the story of Arnold alum and team member Carter Hess, but there's a full team of these guys who travel the country, playing a game they love and being able to share in a physical activity.

Everyone on the team is a former military member who's suffered limb loss through their service, so they also can share in each person's healing process.

"We have 225 guys on the team, half Army, half Marines," says team General Manager David Van Sleet. "And then we have two Air Force and one Navy. So we represent everything but the Coast Guard. They've become the best of friends. They have a bond. They have a lot going on in common. They look forward to these trips so they can talk through their personal issues as well as their softball issues on these trips."

The Warriors were eliminated from tourney play Saturday morning after dropping their second game following a win during their opening matchup. They now have an overall record of 127-58.