Wounder Warriors Softball Team Visits Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH-- A rather special group of softball players taking part in the annual Military World Softball Tournament at Frank Brown Park.

The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team, made up of veterans and active-duty servicemen who lost limbs serving our country in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

The Warriors taking on a team from Texas in an exhibition to help kick the Military Tournament off.

Modern medicine and prosthetic technology allows these heroes to not just play, but compete at a rather high level and at the same time, get ongoing therapy.

"You know when they got injured they didn't think they were gonna live," said team founder David Van Sleet. "And they certainly weren't gonna walk and playing a sport was the furthest thing from their mind. But these guys persevered and went through some extensive rehabilitation. And now they're back on their feet, a citizen in their community, but more importantly they got a chance to be an athlete again and they're playing the sport at a pretty good level.":

This team into it's 4th year competing and touring the country, playing in 36 states and 88 cities. The Warriors losing 4-3 but still, their record an impressive 126-58.

Friday night, Greg Brzozowski will introduce us to Arnold alum Carter Hess, wounded in Afghanistan in 2012, and is now playing with these wounded warriors!