Wright Introduced as New Arnold Head Coach

Panama City Beach, FL--It's official, the Arnold football program has it's new head football coach, just the second in the school's relatively short history.

Arnold athletic director Karisa Wesley introducing that new coach, Josh Wright, just after noon Tuesday in the school's media center.

Coach Wright is a native of Kentucky, played at Wesleyan College. He came south and spent ten years as an assistant at Mosley.

Then took the head coaching job at Franklin where he spent the last four seasons, with a record of 13-27.

That record stands out, and coach Wright knows that's something he'll have to address with boosters and parents off the bat. Here's Wright's breakdown on his tenure at Franklin.

"Not a knock of them at all," says the new Arnold coach "because it's a tremendous place to live, but they're just a little bit behind in terms of what the vision is, what the expectation is, what the workload calls for, we've done some of that. So anybody that knows the business and knows the area, knows that, to go in there and compete, and talk to the coaches that we played against week in and week out, and that would be a great representation of the job that was done there. To really put a product on the field that was first class, top to bottom, no ejections. And it was competitive, and it was good for the community. It was exciting to watch, so we felt like we got a lot done."

It's fairly well known coach Wright and Arnold Principal Keith Bland, who made the final decision on this hire, are good friends going back to their days at Mosley together. That begs the question of how much that relationship factored into this decision?

"Well you know I coached for a long time," Mr. Bland told us "and I have a lot of friends in the coaching community, and I've been all over the state in different areas. And my friends will honestly tell you that if they weren't quality, and qualified for the job, then I wouldn't hire them. Again business is different than what you're talking about, personal relationships. And we want to hire the best person for Arnold High School and the beach community and for these kids. Regardless of friendships and personal relationships. And if I didn't feel like he was the right person for the job, or had these traits and qualities that I feel in a head coach, then we wouldn't be sitting here today naming Josh Wright as head coach."

Coach Wright will likely be full time at Arnold come March first.