Youth Runner Belton's Speed Speaks for Itself

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Panama City, FL---Bay County is the home to one of the fastest 10 year olds in the nation.

His name is Kyron Belton of Hiliand Park Elementary and he just finished 26th at AAU Nationals in Des Moines, IA in the 100 meters for his age group.

Track runs in the family for Kyron. Just ask his mom.

"I started running when I was eight," says Tashon Belton. "I started running at Highland Park. I was one of the fastest kids at Highland Park and ran all the way throughout high school."

Now, she gets the joy of watching her son succeed in the sport she grew up with.

"It's very exciting to watch him because he seems to be doing so much better than I think I was doing at his age."

Others are noticing Kyron's growth. Just ask his coach.

"He's understanding more about what to do as apposed to just going about and doing it," says Shaldera Track Club head coach Sylvester Jones. "Why am I doing these things, at what part of the race do I need to do certain techniques, take place."

The young sprinter's love of the sport has grown from the support and teachings of those closest to him.

"My coach taught me how and my mom," says Kyron. "They taught me how to get out of the blocks and sprint."

Starting when he was six, Kyron's been making noise all over the country on the track.

"I've gotten to to Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Detroit," says the young Belton.

As he's grown and improved in his skill training for Des Moines and the AAU National Championships, he's stayed the same in one area.

"He's very quiet," says Jones. "Kyron's very quiet, he doesn't say much."

"He's really calm," says his mother. "He talks to his brothers some, they play, they hang out. But otherwise, he's a quiet kid."

"I don't get anything else out of him," says Jones. "You ok? (nods his head) No words, just emotions. "

Belton let's his speed do the talking for him.

"His competitors don't know what he's thinking," says Jones. "As a coach he's frustrating because you want some communication, to say give me some feedback. But competition wise he plays a good game of chess with everybody. And he's winning the match because you don't know what's on his mind."

"It's awesome," says Tashon. "I just watch him. He's so calm, he just takes it all in. He just gets on the track and he's gone."

Kyron competes in the long jump Friday in Des Moines in his second event of the National Championships.