Local Adult Tennis Team headed to USTA National Championship

PANAMA CITY, Fla- A team of 10 tennis players from Panama City are set to play in the United States Tennis Association's Adult 4.5 level National Championships in Tucson, Arizona.

"This year we knew we had a good team, but the competition was great," Josh McLemore said. "We were very very fortunate to get down there and win it. We love it, we get out here and play every week together."

The team had to win the regional title and the sectional championship to advance to the national championship.

"We went to Pensacola with high hopes, and then we went to Daytona and we didn't really know what to expect. To beat teams like Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, alot bigger cities with alot more players was really exciting," Bob Sombathy said.

They play in the 4.5 Adult division of the United States Tennis Association. It's tough division full of former college athletes.

"I think our Florida competition is going to be alot tougher than the nationals. But I know the competition is going to be tough. We've got a a good chance," McLemore added.

It's been a while since they've played for their high school or college teams, but this competition isn't about age, it's about playing the game they love.

Sombathy said, "For us to go and beat these other teams is a neat experience. As far as getting older and being able to do this, let's just thank the good lord for Advil, or none of us would be here."

As champions of Florida the team feels confident heading out to Arizona, and they want to represent well.

"It's pretty exciting to be a team from Panama City, to be the number 1 team out of 66 teams in Florida to be taking to Tucson for nationals," said McLemore.

The team leaves for Arizona on the 27th for the USTA National Championships which starts on October 28th and runs through the 30th.

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