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Theater Attorneys Want Colorado Victims to Pay $700K Fees

Cinemark's lawyers said they need the money to cover the costs of preserving evidence, retrieving and copying records, travel and other expenses.

Victim of Hateful Rant on British Tram Was American

The man who kept his cool on a crowded British tram while three foul-mouthed youth yelled at him is a U.S. Army veteran from Texas.

Key Figure in Deadly 2011 Christmas Day Fire Not Missing

When the time comes, Michael Borcina will testify about the deadly blaze that killed Madonna Badger's three daughters and parents in 2011.

Rulings May Threaten Voting Rights This Fall

Three separate court rulings to uphold voting restrictions are likely to increase the number of voters disenfranchised this fall.

Palestinian Teen Fatally Stabs Sleeping American Girl

The Israeli military posted a picture of the teen's bloodsoaked bedroom in the settlement of Kiryat Arba, outside of Hebron.