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NBC News Headlines

Passenger Jet Suffers Major Engine Malfunction Mid-Air

Passengers heard a loud boom and saw smoke from the engine and pieces of metal flapping, causing masks to deploy and sparking fears of an attack.

Colombian Rebels Announce Final Conference of Peace Talks

This week's peace accord could bring an end to Latin America's oldest guerrilla war, which has caused more than 220,000 and displaced 5 million.

Convicted Ohio Man Jumps to Death After Sentencing

A deputy grabbed the clothing of Jason Binkiewiz, but if he'd held on he might have gone over the banister as well, the sheriff said.

Nephew of Sinaloa Cartel Leader Shot Dead in Mexico

The killing of Edgar Juvanny Parra Zambada, a seafood merchant, is the latest attack on the group's family members.

Death Penalty Sought in Deadly Cookout Ambush

The attack in Wilkinsburg, Pa., involved one man shooting at partygoers while another hidden near a fence shot fleeing people with a rifle.