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Pet Adoption Event

Event Dates and Times

Bay County Government Center, 840 W. 11th St., Panama City
Visitors may also learn how to donate a Kuranda bed to the shelter, and we’ll have one available for folks to examine tomorrow. See below:

Help BCAC make animals more comfy

A recent review of Bay County Animal Control by the University of Florida resulted in a host of recommendations to increase adoptions and improve the shelter. One of the main goals identified was increasing the health, comfort and adoptability of the animals.

UF also encouraged the county to provide more comfort to animals in the shelter and, in particular, provide better bedding. County staff and the Women's Club of Panama City are working to raise funds for "Kuranda" beds for the dogs.

"Having these beds means that, for example, dogs will no longer have to lay on cold, sometimes wet, concrete floors," said Dan Shaw, Bay County assistant manager, who was among the first to donate a new Kuranda bed. "Although any size bed is appreciated, large dogs beds are needed the most."

Click the link below or visit www.baycountyfl.gov to donate a Kuranda bed that will be shipped directly to the Bay County Animal Shelter. The Women's Club of Panama City will also accept donations toward the purchase of a bed. For more information, please call Valerie Sale at 248-8170.