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Parks Service Investigating Looting at Civil War Battlefield

"It doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the mothers and fathers whose sons died in these battlefields," a visitor at Petersburg battlefield said.

What Became of Oregon Town's Mysterious Noise?

A mysterious nighttime shriek that plagued an Oregon suburb early this year abruptly ceased after a warning from police. Was it all a prank?

Gorilla Shot Dead After Child Climbs in Ohio Zoo Enclosure

A 17-year-old gorilla was shot dead Saturday by a Cincinnati Zoo employee who feared the animal would harm a child who had climbed into its enclosure.

Canada's Trudeau Defends Assisted Suicide Bill as Deadline Nears

The draft legislation would allow people with incurable illnesses or disabilities to end their lives with a medical professional's help.

Iraqi Forces Continue Fight to Retake City of Fallujah From ISIS

The Iraqi military continued operations against ISIS by attacking positions from the outskirts, the city has been under ISIS control for over 2 years.