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Tech Toys To Make the Most Out of Memorial Day

These new gadgets re designed to make your Memorial Day a breeze whether you're grilling in the backyard or chilling at the beach.

Secret Service Agents Punished for Violating Chaffetz's Privacy

The Secret Service has already apologized to Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who has led numerous inquiries into alleged misconduct by the troubled agency.

Video of Clinton Ex-Staffer Deposition Won't Be Public: Judge

A transcript of the deposition by the group Judicial Watch will still be available. Mills, Clinton's former chief of staff, will be questioned Friday.

No Joke: So 1,000 Ducks Walk into a Vineyard...

A vineyard has come up with a creative way to fight pests. Instead of using pesticide, it uses ducks.

HS Apologizes After Yearbook Includes Hitler, Stalin Quotes

The Hitler quote is 'Words build bridges into unexplored regions.' Stalin's statement is more menacing: 'Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas?'