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Bay High School Hall of Fame Inductees

Two former Tornadoes were honored Thursday night.

Chipley Council

Chipley now has a new mayor and a new city council member.

Haunted Hayride

Bay County is getting ready to host its annual Haunted Hayride.

Butter Knife Suspension

A Walton County first-grader was suspended after she brought a butter knife to school with her lunch.

Use of State Airplanes

The issue may come up again in the next gubernatorial race.

Springfield Interim Police Chief Named

Assistant Police Chief Barry Roberts is now in charge.

Neal Dunn Donates Books

They are from the library of congress.



NBC News Headlines

Spotlight Falls on Bob Weinstein, the 'Quiet Brother'

Hollywood producer Bob Weinstein has emerged as a vehement critic of his embattled brother — even as he also faces an allegation of sexual misconduct.

In the Heart of America, K-Pop Thrives

Kpop Dallas, a Korean pop music fan group in Texas, has grown to number in the thousands and helps organize concerts, festivals, and events.

'Tourniquet Killer' Execution Called Off in Death Row Twist

Anthony Allen Shore, the so-called Tourniquet Killer, was convicted of murdering one young woman and allegedly confessed to three other slayings.

Moral Qualms Halt Needle Exchange in Indiana County

An Indiana County has stopped a needle exchange program set up to fight outbreaks of HIV fueled by the opioid epidemic.

Iran Played Secret Role in Land Grab From U.S. Ally

A "catastrophic defeat" for the U.S. and a victory for Iran, says former U.S. official.