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Sleep Breathing 6am

Dr. Tara Griffin joined us in studio to talk about sleep health.

Panama City Marina Development

Plans to redevelop the Panama City Marina have been in the works for years but have encountered some roadblocks.

Walton County Sheriff's Office's Spring Break Letter

With spring break on the horizon, local agencies are gearing up to handle the scores of student who visit the area.

Staying Safe While Sharing the Road

It can be dangerous for bicyclists on the road but if you follow a few rules, it could be the difference between life and death.

EOD School 5:30

They locate, identify, and disarm bombs. We give you an exclusive look into Eglin's explosive ordnance disposal unit and learn more about their pivotal role in the military.

Dunn in Apalachicola 5:30

Congressman Neal Dunn try's to re-route the so called Water wars in Florida's favor.

Forest Service App

The Florida Forest Service introduces a new app to let people know if they're seeing a wildfire or a prescribed burn.



NBC News Headlines

Medals Stolen During Oroville Evacuation Returned

Police recovered military medals stolen from the home of a Vietnam veteran during Ororville Dam evacuation. KCRA's Tom Miller reports.

Judge Orders Government to ID Some Travelers Affected By Trump Order

The order comes after a Brooklyn judge ordered a list to be provided of those detained from Jan. 28 and 29 under the so-called "travel ban."

Man Who Smashed Trump's Hollywood Star Gets Probation

James Otis, who used a sledgehammer and pickax to deface the star weeks before the election, pleaded no contest and must pay $4,400.

Yiannopoulos Quits Breitbart, Apologizes for Uproar

Milo Yiannopoulos said he's planning his own site, saying controversy over his remarks about sexual abuse shouldn't detract from Breitbart's mission.

Bull Dies Hours After Leading Police on Chase in New York

The bull escaped from a Queens slaughterhouse and was on the loose for around two hours before it was captured, police said.