Weather Conference Day 4

"Today is day 4 of the AMS Broadcast Conference and in an effort to let you know how hard I have been working we actually had a working lunch today. What it was was a training session made by the makers of VIPIR. That is the radar technology we use especially during severe weather situations back there in NWFL. Anyway, they had a whole lot of great new products that we are going to be talking about to show you in clear concise ways exactly what the storm threat is whenever we have a severe weather event. "

"Traditional radar, single polarization radar tells you a lot about. It will tell you about velocity, how fast things are moving in the air. It will tell you about how much stuff is in the air. Dual Pol radar gives you that information plus information about size, and shape, and orientation of the hydrometeors or precipitation that is in the air," Dr. Michael Lawton of Baron Services said.

"So we learned a lot during lunch today. Now the hope is that I am going o be going up to the top of that mountain there. Over 9000 feet later on today or tomorrow so make sure follow me on twitter and Facebook. I will be posting pictures and video there. " --Chris Smith

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