New bank wants to offer services to Florida medical marijuana treatment centers

State approves $13.2 million for medical marijuana

FWC considers changing rules for near-shore shark fishing

Statue of slave-holding founder on FSU campus to be moved

Triumph Gulf Coast approves $64 million toward aerospace, aviation infrastructure

Case seeking to open Governor’s blind trust continues

Florida woman pushes to end child marriage nationwide

NRA lobbyist sues five for cyberstalking and threats

Governor’s executive order only a temporary fix for beach access

Two shark bites on Fernandina Beach

Job offers pour in for man fired for stopping a would-be gun thief

Company fires man after tackling gun thief

Protests at State Capitol against cuts to HIV treatment programs

Bay County Commission Chairman recognized at FAC

CFO Jimmy Patronis accused of racism following clemency meeting

Appellate court blocks smoking while Morgan's case works through the courts

Teachers' unions file suit over new membership requirements

Judge says committee to protect dogs can't fully participate in upcoming case

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