Mosley hoops team taking advantage of time in Rutherford’s gym this month

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 5:53 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -The Mosley boy's basketball team is back together this month, as area coaches and players continue to get in as much work as they can, in what is called phase two of the reopening in terms of high school athletes.

For the Dolphins, that means working in Rutherford’s gym, as Mosley’s Redfern Gym goes through a floor change, from that rubberized surface to hardwood.

Head Coach Michael Memmen and his assistants doing their best to not only adjust to that, but to also deal with the restrictions in place to try and keep the kids shielded from the virus, as best they can.

“We’ve got to keep about 10 on each side of the floor, so that’s where we are right now with our numbers. We try to do separate groups. Early in the season we were doing separate groups, with our gym, it’s a little bit smaller than Rutherford. So Rutherford gym has a little bit more size and were able to do a little bit more which is great for us.”

The coach telling us he’s pleased overall with the attitude and effort of the guys, they seem focused, and happy to be together at practice again.

“Yeah after that long layoff because of Covid, it’s really exciting to get back out here.” coach Memmen said. “A lot of restrictions but just getting with the guys the first couple of weeks, even though it was phase 1, it was really great to see them, they were really happy to be out here. They’ve been doing a lot of things together on their own, but it’s really great to get them out here and kind of get our system back in place and build some chemistry. Just doing what we can to get ahead this summer.”

And it’s not just that they’re together, coach Memmen believes they really are moving forward with these workouts, in a variety of ways.

“I’ve been real pleased with what we’ve been doing. A lot of it is skill positioning stuff because we have our restrictions. But it gives us a good chance to get ahead. I think one of the positives for us is that we’ve been able to bridge the gap between our freshman and junior varsity programs with our varsity. Because I don’t get to spend that much time with them during the year so Me and my assistant, Coach Cain right now kind of doing it all together. Were able to bridge that gap and that’s been a real plus for us. .”

As for the players, they are thrilled to be back together, practicing again in an organized way.

“Honestly I’m super excited because we haven’t been playing.” says senior to be and guard Chase McCarter. “We had a couple of months where we couldn’t do anything. Practice is going really easy. We’re not really allowed to touch each other, it’s just like getting better skills and that kind of stuff. I mean not a whole lot. We can’t touch each other yet but hopefully we can get back to normal soon.”

“I’m super excited.” says guard and another senior to be Jake Piorkowski. “We’ve been out for about two months now and getting back in the gym with these guys has been great. At first we were all a little bit sloppy because we hadn’t played in a while but we’ve had a lot of improvement and stuff. So it’s pretty good.”

And most of these player came back to these workouts in relatively good shape, thanks to some “old school” ways of staying sharp.

“I just played in my driveway a lot because there’s not a lot of recreational centers open.” says Piorkowski. “So I was just trying to get better at my house.”

“I was working out at home, going to courts close to my house.” says another senior to be, guard Michael Newbury. “So I was getting a lot better, I was getting skinnier I was getting more in shape, I was eating better so quarantine actually really helped me a lot. Helped me as a player.”

No chance to play games against other teams, like they would be doing normally this time of year. That can’t happen until we move to phase three, and with the recent spikes in positive cases, it’s not likely we’ll see that anytime soon.

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