Local athletic directors react to new FHSAA recommendation

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 9:40 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -The FHSAA's Fall Sports Task Force voted on Zoom yesterday for a recommendation that pushes for later start dates for fall sports to start back.

The recommendation that was passed with a slim margin of 8-7, suggests floating start dates for fall sports. The original start date was july 27th and with this recommendation the earliest date they could begin would be August tenth. there would be dates for different districts to choose from in accordance with covid climate in the area and when school's would head back to the classroom. If the recommendation does take effect, this would also mean that the FHSAA would create different playoff brackets based upon when those practices do begin. Arnold athletic director, Rick Green, wonders if this happens, how it will affect the movement of athletes.

“What about the transfer rules? Who can and can’t get started, and you can move from county to county. That’s going to be a big deal. We don’t want this to turn into open recruiting season. Those kids that are football players are going to take that transfer rule and transfer and go play somewhere. If the whole county shuts down, are the kids who are within that county in a high risk with COVID-19 going to be able to transfer somewhere else and play? Would we want them to do that,” said Green.

Coach Green also said he is happy he isn’t the one who has to make the call.

“I know they met a week earlier, and they met before that too, and they came back and talked. I think they’ve given it a lot of consideration. It’s a hard decision to make. You’re making a decision for hundreds of thousands of kids. The most important thing is that we take into consideration the kid’s health in regards there and our coaches health too, so I don’t envy them for having to make any type of decision,” said Green.

Mosley athletic director, Doug Lee, says although he is ready to get things back to normal, he wants to do what is safest for everyone.

“We are anxious to get back and get started, but obviously, we understand this is a serious thing we are dealing with. We commend the FHSAA for putting together the task force and looking at every angle and looking at the big picture. We are definItely going to follow their guidance and all of the agency’s policies out there that will give us the guidance we need to get back. If we had a choice in the matter, we would love to get going as soon as possible, but it’s out of our control. We really want to do what’s best and safe for our students and student-athletes,” said Lee.

The official decision hasn’t been made yet, but could come any day now.

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