Local woman pregnant while battling COVID-19

Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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Christine Newton and Spencer Harwood are about to become parents to a new baby girl this month. But in the last few weeks, they both tested positive for the coronavirus.

Newton said the baby’s health is her top priority.

“I actually got the confirmation that she’s fine before I got the results back,” said Newton. “So she’s doing great so I had a lot of stress taken off of me with that. But once I heard I was positive, I was like, ‘I want answers.’”

However, Newton said answers aren’t always easy to come by as her doctors said her case is a special one. She said they’ll find out more in the coming weeks.

“She said that I was able to breastfeed and I actually would be able to produce antibodies that would help her not contract it,” she said. “But it’s still scary, you just don’t know, nobody actually knows, so that’s the scary part about it.”

Newton said they’re seeing about moving induction dates around to give her more time to get over the virus. She also plans to wear protective equipment when around Avianna after she’s born but said it all depends on if they still have COVID 19.

“If I’m still positive and he’s [Spencer is] negative maybe whenever we move into the new house, he’ll be in a separate room and I’ll quarantine myself and doing as much as I can,” said Newton.

Despite the unknowns and uncertainty, the soon-to-be parents say their one wish is for a happy and healthy baby, and according to their doctors, they should get just that in a few weeks.

“It could be way worse,” said Newton. “We’re really grateful and blessed for everything.”

“There’s definitely different, doses I guess you could say, of COVID,” said Christine’s boyfriend Spencer Harwood. “We’re lucky that we didn’t get it worse and we’re not in a hospital right now.”

Newton said if anyone would like to reach out with advice for the family to contact her at

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