Arnold A.D. talks about decision to “hit the pause button” on athletics

Published: Jul. 13, 2020 at 9:49 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -Several Bay County High School athletic teams are hitting the pause button on workouts for one week. And a couple of Athletic Directors are suspending workouts for all their athletic programs.

Sunday afternoon we were told the football and volleyball coaches at Mosley had told their athletes and parents they were suspending workouts for this week. That in the wake of a rash of positive test results among some of their own student athletes, and athletes exposed by athletes who’d tested positive.

Arnold A.D. Rick Green then notified us Sunday night he was shutting down workouts for all athletic teams at Arnold for at least this week.

Then Monday afternoon, North Bay Haven A.D. Kevin Jacobs followed suit, telling us his school is suspending all practices and extra curricular activities. Ditto Rutherford football workouts. And the workouts for the Bozeman football and volleyball teams.

Monday I spoke with Arnold A.D. Rick Green about why he made the decision he did.

"We have a bunch of kids that work on the beach, that work every night." coach Green told me via Skype. "We've got a bunch of kids that are out and about every night on the beach, like I said working. We have found out that some of them, or a few of them have been in contact with people that have tested with the COVID-19. Some of them positive some of them not. But it's been kind The whole spectrum of our athletic program. So we wanted to side on the side of caution."

I did communicate Monday with the Josh Balkom, who is the Executive Director of Operations for Bay District Schools. He tells me these are "School-based decisions. There is no district plan to shut down activity at this time."

For coach Green and his principal, well he says it wasn't an easy decision, but they believe it is the prudent one."With this, let's just shut it down for a week and see what's going on." Green said. "I spoke with principal (Brit) Smith last night and he and I we made the decision to do that. And again if it was just myself, like I talked to you earlier, I could walk on the edge. But when I'm looking out over 400 athletes, I'm going to side with caution and we're going o walk in the valley just a little bit and make sure everything's gonna work out OK."

The one week shutdown will be reevaluated at the end of this week

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