Mosley coach reacts to a different kind of “option”

Published: Jul. 30, 2020 at 6:40 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -There seems to be some movement towards making a serious decision about how to start football season within the FHSAA. The organization's football advisory council, made up mostly of football coaches, putting forth what is called "Option One" plan to get the football season started.

That plan begins practice August 24th, pushes the start of the season back a few weeks, meaning a game or two lost but still allows for a state playoff series.

A second option is for starting at an undetermined time “after August,” and a third option wouldn’t start sports until Nov. 30, and the regular seasons in all sports — fall, winter and spring — would be condensed to about five to six weeks.

Mosley's head coach Jeremy Brown favors option one because it guarantees the earliest start for football.

"You know during football, during the off-season there are no games." coach Brown told us Thursday. "There is no AAU, there is no travel, there's no tournaments. You know so I think the coaches realize the longer that our kids don't have the chance to get on the field and compete you run the risk of losing kids. You run the risk of kids getting frustrated. You worry about the mental, their mental health. Do you know what I mean? So I think all of us, all football coaches are thinking like man let's get the kids back on the field, the safest way possible, but the quickest most efficient way as well. So I think that's why option one was so popular."

”If they say option one and say hey we are going to let you play but you can’t have fans, you can’t have the fans in the stands, we’ve got to revisit it.” Brown told us. “Because football is a money maker. And if you don’t have football you run the risk of some of your other sports possibly in the winter and the spring not having a season. Now we’re right back to where we started, we’re not doing what’s best for kids. And as long as everybody keeps that in mind, we want to do what’s best for kids. You know COVID is obviously a real thing, it’s a serious thing, but in the same turn the mental health of these kids and the things that they can do with their time if we don’t have sports, that’s a real thing too!”he coach says there is a condition to his supporting this Option One, and it has to do with the ability of fans to take part in football this fall.

The important thing for now, coach Brown adds, is there at least seems to be a move towards getting something done!

“Yeah I tell you the biggest thing for me is that they’re talking. You know the Board of Directors and the advisory committee, You know I think the thing with the advisory committee is they are getting more opinions from different football coaches. I think the Board of Directors was limited to the number of football coaches they had on there. So I think anytime conversation and communication happens it’s always a good thing. So hopefully they will get a plan together and roll it out. I think the board’s going to meet on the 14th and hopefully they’ll solidify something and we can start playing some football.”

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