Doctors respond to Bay County’s COVID-19 record confirmed single day deaths

Published: Aug. 4, 2020 at 10:34 PM CDT
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The number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow in Bay County, with Panama City topping the list at 2,617 total cases followed by Lynn Haven at 510.

“Couple things that we’ve seen here recently is some people that are continuing to test positive after their symptoms have cleared which is kind of a controversial topic,” said Dr. Roman Nation, owner of Nation’s Best Family Health Care in Panama City.

On Tuesday, the Department of Health in Bay County announced 201 new cases of COVID-19. Dr. Nation points to increased testing.

“What I would lean towards is that basically the big flood of new people that got tested last week we would have been able to identify a lot more patients that way,” said Nation

The county also saw its highest single day number of confirmed COVID-19 related deaths at 15. Those who died were 55 to 95 years-old.

“Normally we would expect the death rate to kind of lag about two to four weeks behind when you see a big surge in cases and so all together that’s not unexpected, but very sad news,” said Nation.

The Department of Health sent us a statement reading:

“The Florida Department of Health in Bay County works to report all data as soon as we receive confirmation of deaths and positive cases. Please note that although these deaths are being reported today, that does not mean these deaths occurred in the last 24 hours, rather, they were confirmed in the past 24 hours.

Today, Tuesday, August 5 there are 198 positive residents and three non-Florida resident cases and a positivity rate of 34.8 percent.

Bay County residents and visitors should continue to do their part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

One Goal One Florida asks all Floridians to join this important initiative by following these simple, yet effective steps to mitigate and slow the spread of the virus:

  • Protect the vulnerable, including the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions
  • Practice proper hygiene, including washing your hands
  • Practice social distancing, avoiding closed spaces and crowded places
  • Wear a mask, if you are in close contact with others”

“So as a physician who works in both hospitals I’m always watching the hospital bed situation and we’re fine in that aspect,” said Dr. Amir Haghighat, an interventional cardiologist at the Cardiovascular Institute of Northwest Florida.

Haghighat is cautiously optimistic but said the next few steps could determine the future of our area.

“This is real and when it affects you or your family you’re never going to forget that so please try to be as proactive as possible,” he said.

Dr. Nation also encourages people to go to their regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments, but be honest with your healthcare professional if you are experiencing any kind of COVID-19 symptoms before your appointment.

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