Bay District Schools introduce new Supervisory Nurse to help prevent spread of COVID-19

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 4:52 AM CDT
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As parents prepare students for back to school, Bay District Schools’ new nurse is preparing for the classrooms.

Bay District Schools’ new Supervisory Nurse Lyndsey Jackson will work with the district, the Florida Department of Health in Bay County, and PanCare to identify probable COVID-19 cases at local schools and find ways to help prevent the spread.

“We can all look out for each other and keep each other healthy and safe as possible and have a great start to the school year,” said Jackson.

Jackson said she’ll be part of regular phone calls, which will happen twice a week to keep schools up to date on current CDC guidelines and more.

“They also help us obtain answers to questions directly from epidemiologists and physicians within the department of health. We are really working as a strong team to keep everyone safe healthy and informed,” said Jackson.

Jackson said some schools will have telehealth clinics, which will provide rapid testing for students. She said they will be tested if they show symptoms and sent home to isolate if they test positive.

“The students will be screened in the health rooms and if they have symptoms of COVID-19, they’ll be isolated, then they’ll be tested so they can also rule out other easily diagnosable situations,” said Jackson.

Jackson said they’ll work with the student and the family to identify people who came in contact with the student.

She said three Bay District Schools employees tested positive for COVID-19. They will test faculty and staff on a systematic basis and they’ll work from home if they test positive or their children test positive.

Jackson said teachers can use sick pay or paid time off if they have to isolate.

Bay District Schools’ officials say each school will have a health technician from PanCare and an additional health technician from the district to work with people who have COVID-19 symptoms while on campus.

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