Lucas Dunn, Arnold baseball alum, spent his summer preparing for senior year at Louisville

Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 8:39 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -Arnold alum and current Louisville star senior-to-be, Lucas Dunn, spent a good chunk of his summer playing in the Florida Collegiate Summer League for a team in central Florida, the Winter Garden Squeeze.

He thrived in that league showing prowess in the field, and at the plate. A rather productive way to spend his time, especially given many of the normal summer outlets for college players, like the Cape Cod League, weren't playing this summer.

“I was lined up to go back to the Cape this year but I think that COVID was doing pretty bad up in the Northeast.” Dunn told me Wednesday afternoon via Skype. “As they canceled down there, we started to look for different summer leagues. And had this one lined up pretty soon thereafter. I think I did a really good job of taking what was given to me, and we’re in a really tough situation. I think I definitely made the most of it. I had a really productive summer, got to work on my swing a lot, worked out a lot. I think I got significantly better this off-season,” said Dunn.

Lucas didn't keep track of his batting average over the summer, he thinks between 350 and 400, but he knows he hit four homers.

Dunn's team was eliminated in the semifinals, and he is set to head back to Louisville in the next couple of weeks. He is hoping this spring will allow for a full senior season, and all the potential it has.

As for his junior season, he says he hasn’t looked back too much.

“I’ve been so busy playing games. “ Dunn said. “I think I’m kind of over it. I’ve kind of accepted it looking more towards the future, but I do miss it. I do wish we would have gotten to at least experience it and make the memories because we had a special team for sure,”

He added he’s anxious to see his teammates and get back to college ball.

“I’m very excited. I haven’t seen a lot of those guys since the season got canceled. What was it maybe March? So I definitely miss a lot of my friends. And I’m ready to see them again and get back in the locker room and get back to normal,” said Dunn.

Lucas admits, he still thinks about the possibility of another COVID-19 influenced season ahead.

“Recently it has popped into my mind. I was hopeful during the summer, but as we get closer to school starting and starting to worry me a little bit. But I think a lot of it is out of my control so I’m just gonna keep my head down and stay hopeful,” said Dunn.

A strong senior season would make Lucas a high pick in the 2021 MLB draft, so there is much riding on the season ahead.

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