Wewa coach and FHSAA Board member Bobby Johns talks about Friday’s important meeting

Published: Aug. 11, 2020 at 10:30 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -The fate of fall sports on the high school level hang in the balance of the FHSAA Board of Directors meeting Friday in Gainesville.

Once again our area will be represented at that meeting by Wewahitchka football coach and A.D. Bobby Johns. It's expected they'll vote on three options at that meeting. One to start fall sports now. Another postpones sports indefinitely, nobody thinks that will happen. And option three pushes fall sports to December-January, compresses the season into about 6 weeks, and does the same for winter and spring sports.

Speaking to coach Johns Tuesday, well his mind hasn't changed, he wants to start now!

"I believe that yes it is a very dangerous disease and a dangerous situation that we are in, but my personal belief is that at some point we have to open the world up." coach Johns said. "We can't continue to have the world be shut down. And along with that goes athletics, academics in school, goes your day to day life. So my philosophy from the beginning has been that we need to find a way to do all of these things, go to school, play athletics as safely as possible. To give parents and kids that choice you know whether or not they want to do that."

Coach Johns is aware there is no perfect choice at this point. Even if they start athletics in the next couple of weeks.

"You know we obviously know that we may get two or three weeks in and it may get shut down completely and cancel." says Johns. "And I understand that. But my belief is I would rather us try to go now, with the best schedule we can put forward, and if we get canceled we get canceled. But to keep kicking the can down the road so to speak, or keep trying to move it, I just don't see the benefit in that long term."

The previous Board meetings were held via Zoom, with members in their respective home towns. Friday's meeting will be face to face, with all 20 members and FHSAA staff in the same room together. Coach Johns is happy about that."

“You really can’t express the passion that you feel about what’s going on over video or via zoom, or whatever it may be. coach Johns told me. “I mean when you’re sitting there in person, your body language, the way you carry yourself really carries over. And I believe it’s harder for people to make a controversial decision when they have to be face-to-face with other people.”

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