Bay County Schools push fall sports start date up three days

Published: Aug. 21, 2020 at 5:35 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -Bay County Schools announced early Friday morning to push the start date of fall sports up three days. Instead of having to wait until September 7th to start fall workouts, teams can now begin September 4th. This gives them an extra three days to spend preparing for their respective season openers which come in mid-September. This is particularly important for the football teams, who are set to play regular season openers September 17th and 18th, and gives them a few extra days in pads.

”You know we’re really excited.” Mosley head football coach Jeremy Brown said today. “I think the kids, we told them this morning during weightlifting and they were excited. You know I think the thing from a Football standpoint, I think it’s a great idea and great for the district to start it on that Friday because now you can get your helmet days out-of-the-way on Friday and Saturday and Monday you kind of Start with a fresh week,”

“You know three days, in the grand scheme of things is not a great deal of time, but it seemed to make more sense to be able to go ahead,” said Bozeman head football coach Jason Griffin. “And with us on a short schedule anyway, preparing to play a football game in two weeks, whereas normally you would have three weeks. So I think it was important for us as coaches to get a certain amount of time with those kids in pads, banging, hitting each other, getting used to contact. And getting used to that before we put them out on the field. So getting the extra time seemed like a very logical thing to do and I appreciate the fact that they did that,”

Griffin says it’s important coaches get to know as much as they can about their players early on, especially when it comes to hitting.

“You know we are constrained by the FHSAA guidelines of helmets, then pads, a climatization that we have to go through.” Griffin said. “I’d like to be able to get into helmets as soon as possible. And the faster that we can get into Pat and gear and start letting the kids get that contact is important. And with a short window, And again we’ve had quite a bit of time doing the summer thing in shorts. And you feel like you have a good idea about some of your players in shorts. But on the pads come on that’s where you really know what you’ve got and know where you’re at.”

Coach Brown says this move Friday by the District is similar to how they are starting other aspects of the school year.

“Kind of the same thing they did with starting school. You know we’re starting school on a Thursday and Friday, you kind of get all, teachers can get their policies and procedures, getting the kids kind of you’ve got to wear a mask, the cafeteria is different you’ve got to spread out. And then on Monday the teachers can kind of start fresh with a full week of a unit or a lesson. So I think they kind of took the same approach with athletics. We’re excited and really glad that they made the decision.”

Mosley by they way has now beefed up its schedule to 8 games, starting with an opener on the 18th at home against Clearwater Academy.

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