Flooding in Panama City Beach during Tropical Storms

Published: Aug. 25, 2020 at 4:48 AM CDT
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Even though Tropical Storm Marco did not directly target our area, we still felt some of the effects of the storm.

“With all the copious amounts of rain we are receiving our usual areas that tend to flood are flooding even worse than usual,” said Panama City Beach Fire Battalion Shawn Fiddler.

Panama City Fire Rescue officials say some of the trouble areas they worked Monday were near Laurie Avenue, Middle Beach Road, and Alf Coleman Road just to name a few.

Officials say they had to set up roadblocks in some areas and find ways to help locals avoid flooded areas. They also had to perform several water rescues from stalled cars.

“There were just lower cars that sucked up water into their engine. We ended up with at least 7 to 8 vehicles disabled in the water with people trying to go through the high water,” said Fiddler.

Panama City Beach Officials say they will continue to monitor roadways but want locals to be careful and if possible avoid traveling through high water areas.

“If it looks dangerous don’t go into it some of this water is moving at a pretty good speed as well. It’s kinda risky going through there, especially with your children or family,” said Fiddler.

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