North Bay Haven Buccaneers get into gear for the fall season

Published: Aug. 27, 2020 at 9:43 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -The only team in Bay County getting geared up for fall this week is the North Bay Haven Buccaneers. North Bay Haven is a charter school, so they’re guidelines look a little different than the rest of the schools in the county. The team was looking to get into full pads rather than just helmets and shoulder pads by Saturday, but head coach, Andy Siegal, has 18 seniors on his team, and this weekend many upperclassmen will be taking college admissions standardized tests. This means full pads will begin on Monday instead, and competition will start next Friday with a kickoff classic.

“I was originally just going to an inter-squad scrimmage, but I thought this would give our young guys the chance at hitting someone else. We are going to work it out where the JV is going to get in there and the young guys. Starters may not get to play a whole lot. I just want to let them get some live action to see what they can do. We have got a new quarterback we are trying to teach to be a quarterback, backups who have never played quarterback. We’ve got no running backs with any experience. Most of our wide-outs are inexperienced. Our defense came back pretty intact, so there’s some defense on that side,” said Siegal.

Siegal says that these practices have been an experience for those inexperienced players.

“We haven’t really done much football stuff because the FHSAA rules say you can’t hit a pad, so we haven’t. Yesterday, we were in shoulder pads. These guys didn’t understand that when you’re holding a bag, you can’t just stand there, you have to come at it, or they’re going to come after you. There were some eye opening experiences yesterday with the bags. Until you really hit somebody, you don’t know what you are, and we don’t know,” said Siegal.

The kickoff classic will be September 4th against Franklin in Eastpoint.

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