The Dolphins look at first fall practices as the promise of a season they weren’t sure they would have

Published: Sep. 6, 2020 at 10:15 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -The Mosley Dolphins headed out with helmets Friday to commence the beginning of the fall season. With the mix of the amendment of fall sports start dates from September 7th to September 4th and the progression teams must follow when gearing up, many teams in Bay County took advantage of practice on Saturday to get three days of helmets in as soon as possible before they get into shells. Mosley head football coach, Jeremy Brown, says just putting the helmets on is almost like a promise to his guys.

“Just a lot of excitement. A lot of buzz. I think for the kids, it’s exciting because now that they put the helmets on they know they’re going to have a season. They know that it’s official,” said Brown.

Senior and Florida commit, Adrien Strickland, says everything is coming together.

“It’s so exciting for everybody here because we get to see each other in helmets. Helmets is something that we never thought we’d come to again, especially missing the spring and part of the fall. This is really important to us, especially having the new locker room and everything. It just feels like a whole new season is starting. We are going to start off with a good start,” said Strickland.

Getting into shells, according to Coach Brown, will help gauge the physicality of his team.

“I think the biggest thing about getting the helmets on is that it is finally around the corner. A lot of the stuff that we have been doing is the same stuff that we would have been doing just in helmets anyways. We like where we are at right now. We are really counting down the days to where we can get in shoulder pads and helmets, so we can have a little body-to-body contact and see who’s going to be physical and who’s not. Then, we have a pretty good idea. There’s always some surprises on both ends. They’re is always some kids that you think are going to be physical and they’re not. They’re is some that you aren’t sure about that come out and surprise you that they will hit,” said Brown.

September 18th the Dolphins will take on Clearwater Academy International .

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