Eric Trump brings his father’s message to Panama City Beach

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 10:34 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) - The first major presidential campaign rally to come to Northwest Florida made its way to Panama City Beach Wednesday.

Eric Trump spoke on behalf of his father, President Donald Trump, at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

His speech on par with his father’s "Make America Great Again' message.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer and local business owner Jimmy Patronis introduced Trump to the crowd. “Ya’ll give a Northwest Florida welcome to Eric Trump.”

The crowd was smaller than pre-pandemic rallies but they made up for it in enthusiasm.

Eric Trump started off by praising Florida’s economy.

“You have become the economic envy of the country,” said Trump. “I grew up in New York. I’m thrilled to say that my father is no longer there, and now he’s in Florida.”

Florida is considered a swing state in the election with 29 electoral votes on the line.

“It’s a state that’s critically important, and we’re out here as a family fighting for what we believe in,” Trump told NewsChannel 7. “That’s the United States of America and the red, white and blue, and unfortunately it’s under attack every day.”

It didn’t take Trump long to start playing politics.

“What the Democratic party stands for today is fundamentally un-American,” Trump said. “I really believe this election is no longer Democrats versus Republicans, it’s sanity versus the insane, and I really believe we are on the right side of this.”

Trump played to the Republican base by talking about the military, law enforcement, and Christian values.

“We’re always going to stand for red, white and blue and law enforcement and the United States Military and God in this country and freedom of speech, and the second amendment,” said Trump.

Trump supporter Barbara James said “We’re so proud that President Trump is taking that stand. Our Christian values are so important.” Another supporter Ronnie Lee said, “I was just really excited about this to come to this to show our support.”

A recent NBC/Marist poll shows Biden and Trump dead even among likely voters in the state. Something Trump says will be proven wrong on election day.

“We’re going to win this in 54 days,” said Trump. I think everyone needs to get out and vote. Vote absentee, mail in your vote. You’re really lucky to live in a state where we can hold a legitimate election. My father is mailing in his vote here."

It’s important to point out if any other campaign rallies for any major party come to our area Newschannel 7 will be sure to cover them all.

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