Panama City hopes to restore the 9/11 memorial at the Panama City Marina

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 10:22 PM CDT
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A 9/11 memorial that once stood at the Panama City Marina took a beating from hurricane Michael almost two years ago.

The memorial had been the sight of many emotional gatherings to honor the victims of that fateful day.

Now Panama City Officials say they have hopes of restoring the memorial to its formal glory.

The city said before the restoration can begin on the memorial, the Marina has to be restored first.

If they are unable to restore the Marina in a certain time frame, Panama City Director of Quality of Lives said, “there may be a possibility, because we are a city that truly cherishes our memorials, we have several of them throughout the city, so there are other opportunities to relocate if necessary.”

9/11 is a significant day for many in our country. The loss of being able to visit this memorial has impacted people who not only would visit on 9/11 but on any given day.

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