U.S. Congressman Neal Dunn urges locals to participate in the census

Published: Sep. 11, 2020 at 8:12 PM CDT
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Many people from politicians to celebrities have been pushing for everyone to take part in the 2020 census. But the message seems to be falling on deaf ears in Bay County.

Now a U.S. Congressman is making one more push for participation before the end of the month.

The deadline to fill out the 2020 census is fast approaching and Bay County is falling far behind the rest of the state when it comes to making the count.

“It’s actually a shame and as you look across North Florida the worst county in terms of percentage of participation in the census is right here in Bay County and there is no reason for this,” said U.S. Congressman Neal Dunn.

Dunn is lending his voice to those calling for you to fill out the form.

“I beg everyone please go out there fill out that census form. It is not an invasive set of questions. They’re not keeping score on you they just need to know where you are, where you vote,” said Dunn.

He believes some may be hesitant because they don’t trust the government.

“They’ve heard so many things about the government. They’re suspicious of it and they don’t need to be,” said Dunn. “The census is a truly non-political thing.”

Getting an accurate count in the census helps the county financially.

“There are vitally important reasons to take part in the census. That actually determines to a great extent how much federal funding we get for the next ten years,” said Dunn. “So if we’re under-counting our population here we’re gonna get less federal aid for the next ten years.”

So once again before the deadline gets here.

“Please I beg you take part in the census,” said Dunn. “I did.”

The deadline to be counted is September 30th.

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