Okaloosa County locals stay positive amidst the storm

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 5:43 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -In Okaloosa County, they are getting some serious downpour from the outer bands of Sally, and locals are looking to make the most of the storm.

As the gulf waters crash closer to the beach, Destin locals are feeling yet another weekend of slow business.

“It’s been very slow with the weather and everything. Just trying to get everything straight in storage just to kill time pretty much,” said Jester’s employee, Cody Radka.

The coronavirus pandemic shortened the summer season for many hot spots for business.

“With the COVID, of course, I think everyone has suffered somewhat because of the slow down of people who are a little apprehensive with the crowds of people that we have, so when we have a storm like this, it even slows things down further. It makes things probably a little more difficult for the economy in our area, but I’m sure it will get better,” Hannah Marie captain, Alex Kent.

Unlike many areas touched by hurricanes, Okaloosa county residents are less concerned about wind.

“I know that the rain we are seeing and the wind we are seeing right now is just a band that is coming through. Then, it will calm down again , so we will have several bands. Then, I think the water height is mostly what we will be concerned about,” Valparaiso resident, Marilyn Vu.

Some locals, like Vu, drove down just to see the storm in action.

“With the storm out, we like to come out and see the seas and the weather, and watch what’s happening out here. It’s pretty tremendous to watch the force of Mother Nature,” said Vu.

For captains, like Alex Kent, the storms are all part of the job.

“It obviously affects you. We are usually on an average basis, shut down for a few days because of the winds. Then, the sun comes back up and we are back, up, and running,” said Kent.

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