Bay County woman looking for the community’s help in her next step from car crash recovery

Published: Sep. 26, 2020 at 5:24 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Tonya Stevenson was in a horrific car accident, left confined to a wheel chair.

“Sitting around in the house in this chair, I feel like I miss out on life a lot,” said Stevenson.

But this isn’t the first traumatizing event to happen to Stevenson, including her friends and family.

“It was a horrible year 2015, to lose my son Storm McDaniel, Tonya was his girlfriend. 2 weeks to the day later, she was in this accident,” said Storm McDaniel’s mother Karen McDaniel.

Today, she hasn’t let her restrictions stop her from living an active lifestyle. She says her mindset has allowed her to make remarkable progress in the last five years.

“I’ve gained stuff throughout time, whether it’s feeling or movement, just the flow of things are coming alive, things are waking up like I can feel water on my legs again,” said Stevenson.

While being a mother to her 12 year old son Mason, Stevenson hasn’t stopped touching the lives of others.

“In a way, she saved me. I have been able to have someone that can relate to what it feels like,” said McDaniel.

Everyone around Stevenson has noticed her progress, including a doctor that believes he can get her up and walking within the next two years.

“For that man to believe in me and for me to see what he does, that is all I needed to stay motivated,” said Stevenson.

The physical therapy treatments are expensive, so Stevenson is asking for the community’s help.

“If there is any hope at all for me to recover, then I’m going to keep striving to get there, and fundraising is one of the best ways to do it,” said Stevenson. “I just need everyone in the community to surround me and keep cheering me on.”

Stevenson hopes to be a role model when it comes to never giving up. She wants to show the community how she keeps living her life fearless, by jumping out of plane.

“Anything adrenaline, I’m all about it,” said Stevenson. “I’m like I need some adrenaline in my life, I need to feel alive again. Something like skydiving, I was like I need this, I need to feel alive. I need this adrenaline rush.”

Stevenson says she will keep pushing and breaking boundaries until she is able to walk again.

If you want to help Stevenson... you can find the link to her GoFundMe here:

In the future, she plans to hold other fundraisers.

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