Deane Bozeman students honored by Bay County Sheriff’s office for quick action after car accident

Published: Oct. 6, 2020 at 8:07 PM CDT
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In July, Deane Bozeman students Maddison and Melody Campbell were driving down Highway 388 in Bay County when they saw a car drive into a retention pond and they immediately stopped to help.

“Ran across the highway and saw the sheriff pull up. Melody is already in the water like ‘Are you okay? Are you okay?’ and I got the officer out of the car and let him know what happened,” said Maddison.

Melody and Maddison helped clear the way for law enforcement and EMS as well as helped get the driver and passenger out of the car.

For their quick response and potentially life-saving efforts, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office honored them Monday with a Certificate of Recognition.

“Sometimes we see that people aren’t willing to get involved or are scared to get involved but they put aside their fear and realized a fellow human being was in trouble and really stepped up and helped us save them,” said Sheriff Tomy Ford. “It was an awesome thing.”

Melody and Maddison said they didn’t tell many people about their efforts to aid the couple in the car as they say the call to help others is second nature to them.

“It’s just something we have engrained in our brain. You see something, you go in and don’t hesitate whatsoever. Just based on how we were raised too, there’s no hesitation, you see something happen, you go in after it,” said Melody.

“That’s just how we were raised,” added Maddison. “So, if something does happen, don’t hesitate because what if that was your family?”

Officials say no one was hurt in the accident and the Campbell sisters urge others, including their Bozeman Buck classmates, to help those in need if the situation arises.

“If you see something say something,” said Maddison, “and as always it’s great to be a Buck!”

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