ECP airport unveils master plan

Published: Oct. 29, 2020 at 8:44 PM CDT
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Big plans are in store for Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport.

Thursday, officials unveiled the master plan for ECP in its first public meeting. However, officials said there is no set time for the proposed projects.

“We are only going to do these expansions when we reach a passenger level that would warrant an expansion," ECP Board of Directors Charmain Glen McDonald said.

Due to COVID-19, ECP will monitor its passenger numbers, instead of following a five to ten-year, and then determine which projects to begin.

“Passengers are our milestones of when we need to be doing things," ECP Executive Director Parker McClellan said

One of the first priorities is parking.

“One of the things we think is the most significant is on the loop road. We’re going to take it and make it a loop road so that instead of it going through the rental cars in the parking lot, it will go all the way around and that opens all that space for additional parking," McClellan said.

The meeting also touched on much more, including a plan for a crosswind runway.

“We will have to include expanding baggage handling, expanding terminal capacity, expanding gates," McDonald said.

Right now the plan is only just that.

“This is a planning document. All it is is something that says here’s some opportunities for you for the future," McClellan said.

Officials said they hope to have the next public meeting sometime in early 2021.

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