Jackson County Sheriff’s Office investigating fatal dog attack

Published: Nov. 19, 2020 at 10:40 PM CST
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According to Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies, Donald Allen, 65, was walking along Kirkland Road in Bascom Tuesday night when he was reportedly attacked and killed by dogs.

“The tracks found at the scene and the injuries sustained by the victim indicated it was going to be what appears to be a domesticated dog, possibly more than one,” said Jackson County Sheriff Lou Roberts.

The sheriff’s office is working with animal control to set baited traps, the Houston County Sheriff’s Department to use their drones, and enlisting help from Gainesville to help track down and get more information on the dogs.

“We are talking with doctors and specialists from the University of Florida that deal in animal science,” said Sheriff Roberts. “They’re assisting us and we’ll be reaching out to them some more this afternoon [Thursday] since we’ve gotten the conclusion on the preliminaries of the autopsy.”

They’re also hoping to find out the types of dogs involved.

“That’s one of the things we’re looking at is collecting evidence, forensically, that will tell us and the experts for sure if we have a particular breed of dog,” said Sheriff Roberts.

In the meantime, law enforcement is urging extreme caution for those around Kirkland Road, especially overnight, when they believe the attack happened.

“I wouldn’t take it lightly,” said Sheriff Roberts. “We’ve already seen the death of one individual and we certainly would like people to be cautious. We want to let them know we’re taking it very seriously here.”

Sheriff’s officials urge anyone with information about the dogs to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 850-482-9648.

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