Mosley hoops coach talks about importance of sticking with his program’s Holiday tournament

Published: Dec. 21, 2020 at 10:51 PM CST
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) -Some Holiday basketball tournaments have gone away this December thanks to the pandemic. Others are going on. One example of the latter, the event set for next week at Mosley. Mosley Coach Mike Memmen and his Mosley program staying committed to hosting their annual event, set for next week.

Coach Memmen telling me Monday once we got to the point of actually playing games, and teams being able to travel, he figured it was important to keep moving ahead with the “Mosley Holiday Hoopfest”

“We were locked in at 12, ready to go and then as the Covid numbers started spiking, we’ve had teams, I mean daily, drop out.” coach That’s been the biggest challenge, just revising the schedule and trying to find teams to come play. And it’s one of those things right now where you don’t want to not host because with the way the season is going, if there’s an outbreak you lose games. So you want to be able to play over the holidays, you want to be able to just play some games for your kids. And that was the biggest thing moving forward, just being able to get the kids to get to play some holiday hoops.>

That tournament takes place next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, ten teams total, with the likes of Rutherford, Bay, Vernon, Wewa Graceville, Cottondale and North Bay Haven, among others, joining the host team. Only one team coming from out of our area, and that changes the financial dynamic of an event that Memmen says is a part of their annual planning in terms of the program’s budge.

“It’s going to be challenging this year regardless because of Covid. But one of the things you have when you have out of teams coming is we have a partner hotel and we stay with them. We have sponsors that sponsor our tournaments and those things are important to us. But now that we don’t have many out-of-town teams, or we have one left, now you kind of lose money on the tourist part of it as far as hotels and those guys spending money in your city. Luckily we were able to fill with a lot of local teams and hopefully that will make up for some of the shortcomings there with the gate..”

The games begin at Mosley’s Redfern Gym Monday morning.

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