Habitat for Humanity building workforce housing in Mossy Head

Published: Jan. 13, 2021 at 8:57 PM CST
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Finding affordable housing is difficult in many parts of Walton County.

That’s why Habitat for Humanity has been helping working families get into homes.

“At Habitat we offer people the opportunity to purchase their home for what it costs for us to build, which makes it affordable,” said Teresa Imdieke, director of Walton County Habitat for Humanity

In Mossy Head, Habitat for Humanity is building a workforce housing neighborhood, because they say they have had success in the past when Habitat families live close to each other.

“The two homes that we’ve built so far in that neighborhood, both of them are Walton County employees, so it just goes to show you the struggles that we’re having with affordability, I know that teachers struggle to find affordable housing, and it’s just the everyday working class that people just can’t find homes they can afford so workforce housing is more important now than ever,” said Imdieke.

When Habitat for Humanity builds more homes in North Walton, they say that will bring more economic opportunities.

“The neighborhood that we’re building, there’s a lot of trailers and mobile homes so to have a single dwelling family structure, is going to greatly increase the property values for that area,” said Imdieke.

This will be the first neighborhood Habitat for Humanity in Walton County.

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