Tuesday Forecast

Published: Jan. 19, 2021 at 7:38 AM CST
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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Good Tuesday morning everyone!

It’s a quiet start once again on satellite and radar with clear skies overhead. But we’re off to a chilly start as temperatures are largely in the 30s out the door. Thankfully, we don’t have much of a wind to worry about.

You’ll still want to dress warmly to start the day. However, make sure it’s something that you can easily shed heading into the afternoon as we’ll warm up nicely under sunshine today. Temperatures reach the 60s by lunchtime today and sunshine continues to warm us into the mid 60s on the coast to some upper 60s inland!

A ridge of high pressure is building in from the south in the upper levels of the atmosphere this week. That is causing the jet stream to retreat north taking the colder air back to north as well. The ridge of high pressure builds all the way down to the surface and is helping to keep our skies nice and sunny once again today.

With the jet stream to our north, we’ll see it steer the next few cold frontal systems to our north across the Mid Atlantic States rather than dig down into the ridge of high pressure. However, an area of low pressure will develop out of Texas heading into tomorrow, and a stationary warm front will outstretch across the Northern Gulf Coast states. With the ridge of high pressure in the Central Gulf, clockwise winds around that high will push more warmth and humidity into the Northwestern Gulf and into the stationary front where rising motion along that front will begin to create clouds, showers, and some storms across Texas and Louisiana.

The warmth and moisture continues to wrap around the ridge of high pressure in the Northcentral Gulf and into NWFL bringing a warming trend to our forecast with afternoons reaching the upper 60s near 70 degrees for the rest of the week. We’ll start to see clouds from this setup stream into the Northeastern Gulf and into NWFL by tomorrow.

So with the warmth and humidity will come a trade for a bit more cloud cover thickening up into the end of the week, as well as, a chance for a spotty shower by Friday.

Bottom Line...

For today, abundant sunshine with pleasant highs in the mid 60s for most after the chilly morning. Your 7 Day Forecast brings in a more mild and spring-like feel for the rest of the week with increasing clouds by the end of the day tomorrow and into Thursday.

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