RV sales soar during the pandemic

Published: Jan. 24, 2021 at 8:53 PM CST
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Ever since the pandemic started, many people have been looking for alternative ways to travel while staying in their own bubble.

Buying an RV seems to be the best answer for a lot of people.

”The pandemic really changed the way people want to recreate, if you think about you didn’t really want to get on cruise ships, you didn’t want to get on airplanes, but you still wanted to get out and spend quality time with your family and what better way to do that when with an RV,” Great American RV SuperStores General Sales Manager John Shuster said.

Great American RV SuperStores in DeFuniak Springs hosted its winter RV show this past weekend. The employees at Great American RV SuperStores said that 2020 was one of their biggest years.

Fewer people are trading in their RVs as well.

“But last year we had so many first time buyers, I mean just so many, and you know that is people that say I am not going to stay at home, you know I can get out I can go in the woods, I can go in a park I can socially distance and stay responsible and have a good time,” Shuster said.

Tallahassee resident Ricky Bell said having an RV has been a convenient and safe option for him and his family.

”Cook your own food, stay in your own bed, be in your own bubble, you’re not our in hotels, motels, and you don’t know what kind of germs are out there, the RV has been great. We can sanitize and clean it and we can take care of our own business” Bell said.

Shuster added that he expects RV sales to continue to soar.

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