Bay District Schools students quarantining multiple times

Published: Jan. 25, 2021 at 7:55 PM CST
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It seems nowadays some Bay District Schools students may be spending more time at home than in the classroom.

”We’ve had kids quarantine two, three times,” Bay High School Principal Billy May said.

A common complaint among parents: their kids constantly coming home to quarantine.

On social media, parents said their kids have had to quarantine more than once, more than twice, and sometimes even more.”

According to school officials, as of January 22, more than 1,200 students and staff are currently quarantining after COVID-19 exposure.

What counts as exposure?

“When we know that a student is positive, we look at every class that the student is in, and there’s a seating chart from the teacher. We will identify everybody sitting around that student within six feet. If anybody is within six feet of that student then that forces them into a quarantine situation,” May said.

That’s the case even if you’re wearing a mask.

Official numbers also show there have been almost 4,000 quarantines since the start of school, compared to the 479 confirmed positive cases.

The 4,000 number does include students who’ve had to quarantine more than once.

“Every time we quarantine an individual, we add that to our total number of quarantined,” Bay District Schools Supervisory Nurse Lyndsey Jackson said.

A Bozeman parent said her 10th grader is now quarantining for the third time. She said with no BayLink, it’s hard for her to keep up with school.

A negative test doesn’t allow you to come back early.

”It’s not the test that brings you back to school it is the actual quarantine time,” May said.

Students must stay out of school for the seven or 10 day period.

When you multiply 10 by three, some students may be missing dozens of days in the classroom.

School officials said they contract trace through lunch periods, athletics, and music classes. They emphasized they’re trying to be as thorough as possible when it comes to contract tracing so they don’t quarantine those who don’t have to be.

Officials said they’re following CDC guidelines when it comes to quarantining and contract tracing.

The Florida Department of Health releases a school-by-school COVID-19 cases count. You can find it here.

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