A local dog and his mail carrier have a special bond

Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 9:12 PM CST
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A Callaway canine named Buddy has a lot of friends.

“Everybody loves Buddy,” said Buddy’s owner Pamela Sarvis.

But since the pandemic, he’s made one very special friend who visits him most every day, his mail carrier Ariel Acevedo.

On the day we visited Buddy, he was wearing the same type of uniform Acevado wears to surprise his two-legged friend.

“We’re dressed like a postal service because Ariel is our favorite mailman,” said Sarvis. “He always has a smile on his face, he’s always happy, he’s very professional, he’s just a wonderful, wonderful man.”

Dressed in his uniform and even holding a small package Buddy and Sarvis waited for the familiar sound of the mail truck to come down their road.

“He’s always like right on time,” said Sarvis.

Apparently, Buddy never meets a stranger and has a soft spot for the homeless, especially those with pets.

“He has his own Facebook page called Buddy’s doggie bags of love,” said Sarvis. “We help men, women, children and pets with doggie bags with supplies that they need.”

This isn’t Buddy’s first time on television. He appeared on the Jay Leno show to promote his doggie bags of love.

“Jay was talking to Buddy and he kept falling asleep,” said Sarvis. “Jay was picking up his feet and is like where’s the button? How do you turn this thing on? Buddy slept through the whole interview.”

Sarvis works with the elderly. Most of her clients won’t let her come without Buddy.

“They just light up when they see him,” Sarvis said. “One client would put Buddy on his walker seat and walk around the house.”

The little Yorkie-poo is a senior citizen himself.

“He’s 14 now and he’s like in retirement age,” said Sarvis.

But this day, he was back on the job, as a postal worker, much to the delight of Acevedo.

“We had to do a story on you because you’re so wonderful, so good to us,” Sarvis told Acevedo. “That was our way of letting you know we appreciate everything you do for us.”

“Looks like me but he’s cuter,” said Acevedo referring to Buddy.

Acevedo said all of his customers are special.

“I’m part of the neighborhood too,” said Acevedo. “They see me every day and I’m part of the family.”

But there are some who are extra special.

“Then this guy... he just won my heart,” said Acevedo while holding Buddy.

Even though his days are busy, whenever possible Acevedo takes a few extra minutes to spoil his little friend.

“I may take him with me for like a week,” Acevedo told Sarvis. “I’ll bring him back.”

Knowing he has people and four-legged friends, who don’t know they’re not people, waiting for him on his route makes a tough job a little less “ruff.” Oh, you knew it was coming.

“We appreciate you more than you know,” Sarvis told Acevedo. “And thank you for everything you do. You’re so professional and kind and you don’t even break a sweat when you’re bringing these heavy packages in.”

“I don’t know what to say, I’m speechless right now,” replied Acevedo. ”I’m just doing my job. Thank you for treating me like family.”

You can check out Buddy’s Facebook pages at Buddy’s doggie bags of love or Team Buddy.

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