Awarding a police officer and installing a book vending machine in this week’s 850 Good News

Published: Mar. 5, 2021 at 7:19 AM CST
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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Police officers risk their lives to protect citizens every day.

Earlier this week, a Springfield Police Officer was recognized for doing exactly that.

Springfield Police Sergeant Kenneth Crawford de-escalated a domestic violence assault and saved the lives of a mother and her children.

Sergeant Crawford has served the Springfield community for 13 years.

As many people know, prom can be expensive for a high school student! The cost of hair, nails, and a dress can add up.

So, Bay High School partnered with Chautauqua Charter School to take one of those stresses away.

More than 70 dresses were donated to Bay High School and now every girl there has the opportunity to say yes to the dress.

“We just wanted this night to be special for everyone, especially our seniors who didn’t get to have their junior prom,” said Bay High School Prom Chair Charlotte Schwoerer. “We knew we wanted all of them to participate and we didn’t want something like not having a dress to hold them back.”

The Bay High School Pep Club also donated gift cards to students to help with any extra expenses.

Read Across America Day was celebrated this week, but Jinks Middle School wants to encourage reading every day.

The school has installed a book vending machine. Students can “buy” books with tokens they earn for good behavior or academic achievement.

Educators hope this will encourage students to read more often.

“Our goal is obviously to put high-interest reads in the hands of our kids,” said Jinks Middle School Principal Blythe Carpenter. “We understand that literacy is what is going to make us successful, it’s what is going to make the kids successful, and we’re doing everything we can to incentivize them to read more on their own.”

Money for the machine was raised by the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization.

That wraps up this week’s 850 Good News.

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